Breath and Movement

I found the benefits of yoga through training for a marathon. The more I did yoga, the more comfortable my runs felt. Then, I realized the more I did yoga, the better I felt in other activities too. Work, play. life. Most experiences improve when you give yourself regular space to thoughtfully stretch, strengthen, and breathe.

I've been practicing yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2012. I received my 200 hour training from a studio in Washington, DC and have taught private, public, and corporate classes for a decade now. I specialize in Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Gentle, Prenatal, meditation and sound.

I currently teach classes and workshops at my favorite local studio called Bella Vida Yoga in Jacksonville Beach. You can find me there every Monday at 9:30am and noon and I also pop into their schedule a lot throughout the week to help other teachers when they need a sub.