Sound Baths

What's a Soundbath?

If you’re wondering what in the world a Soundbath is, you’re not alone. Nope, no water is involved and you stay fully clothed. ;) Instead you are "bathed" in sounds. A Soundbath is a meditative sound experience with powerful vibrations from various instruments including crystal singing bowls.

Why? All matter is vibrating. Every single one of the 30+ trillion cells that make us is in motion. Sound can have a profound effect on water and other matter. These vibrations from the crystal singing bowls can reach and align places within us that a masseuse or other hands-on specialist can’t access.

I urge you to try it before you decide if it's "for you". To me, it simply feels good. It quiets my mind and fills me up. It is extremely relaxing. Some even say healing. I strongly believe we need more deep relaxation in our routines and am stepping forward to encourage this for the world. Or at least my corner of paradise in Northeast Florida.

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Wishing you Calm Tides and Good Vibes!

Signature Sound Experience

Wise Waves’ signature experience involves a combination of crystal singing bowls and other instruments, played in relaxing manner. These vibrations encourage gentle relaxation for the physical body, entice the mind to calm, and help facilitate an inward journey. Participants simply recline and relax while absorbing the sounds created to help them energetically align, discover, heal, and enjoy.