Upcoming Events

Sunset Moonrise Seaside Soundbath

Friday, June 2 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Micklers Beach | Donation-Based 

On June's Full Moon, relax and reset while centering, watching moonrise, then reclining for a soundbath in the sand. Bring blanket, layers, and anything you need to be warm and comfortable. You are welcome to bring a chair if you prefer to sit.  

No registration or experience required. Donation-based, bring a friend, pay what you can. 

Yin Yoga & Soundbath

Friday, June 16 from  6:00 - 7:15 pm
The Link,  Nocatee, FL

Melt stress with a deep practice serving both your mind & body.

Join us to enjoy long-held, passive floor poses diving into areas rich in connective tissues. During this slow paced and deep stretching yoga class, you will be enveloped in sound & good vibrations from crystal singing bowls and other instruments. Julie, a Registered Yoga Teacher and Sound Healing Guide with Wise Waves Wellness will lead the practice and the soundscape. This will be a deeply meditative experience, encouraging connection, self-compassion, and healing. 

Please bring your own Yoga Mat, Blanket, and any props you might need to be comfortable on the floor for 75 minutes. 

Sign Up through The Link's website.

Sunday, June 25 from  5:00 - 6:30 pm
Palm Valley Community Center, Ponte Vedra, FL

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed into a serene and supportive environment, where you will lie down for the majority of the time. The session will begin with Ardra guiding you through a mindful breathing technique, aimed at aligning your body and mind. These practices help clear mental clutter, and powerfully move internal energy, enabling you to fully receive the therapeutic benefits of the sound waves.

The breathwork segment will gradually transition into the soundbath session, led by Julie with Wise Waves Wellness. Julie's sound healing approach employs a range of soothing instruments such as 432hz crystal singing bowls and chimes. The resonating sounds will create an immersive soundscape promoting deep relaxation and energetic balance.

During these 90 minutes, expect to experience internal energetic shifts, let go of stress, stagnation, and tension. The combination of breathwork and sound healing is a powerful tool to harmonize the body and mind, potentially inducing profound states of clarity, insight, bliss, and tranquility.

After the session, you may feel lighter, more focused, and more attuned to your inner self. Many participants also report improved sleep, increased creativity, and a greater sense of overall wellbeing in the following days/nights.

Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket to lie on the floor during the session. Hydrating in the days before-hand is encouraged and you’re welcome to bring a water bottle. No prior experience with breathwork or soundbaths is necessary - beginners are most welcome!

This event is a journey to the heart of release and tranquility. Come 'Breathe in Bliss' with us - your body and mind will thank you.

*This session is not advised for anyone who has an implanted device or is pregnant.

*Early Bird Pricing: $33 until June 18. $44 for week of (Tickets Here)

*PRO TIP: To avoid paying eventbrite fees, you may Venmo directly @wisewaves (if prompted, verify it's me with: 5361). Please send an email to wisewaveswellness@gmail.com to let me know and include your name so I can reserve your space.

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In this episode, we talk about yoga, but not in the way you think. Deborah Lukovich, PhD has a conversation with me about the 8 Limbs of Yoga, the power in deep breaths, and the wisdom and wonder of Divine Connections. 

I think this conversation will be a gift for you. 

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a symphony for the soul

Wise Waves’ signature experience involves a combination of crystal singing bowls and other instruments, played in relaxing manner. These vibrations encourage gentle relaxation for the physical body, entice the mind to calm, and guide you to journey inwards. Participants simply recline and relax while absorbing the sounds created to help them energetically align, discover, heal, and enjoy.